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The Best 4 Sites to See in Monaco

Of course, all avid travelers are interested in seeing the top tourist spots in each new city. But independent travelers prefer to stay away from the crowds whenever possible. And for savvy travelers looking to avoid crowds of tourists, I’d … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Loggia in Florence

One of my favorite spots along our Discovery Walk in Florence is the loggia of the Museo del Bigallo just across from the entrance to the renowned Duomo. This loggia, dating to the middle of the 14th century, formed the … Continue reading

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Springtime Eve in Stockholm

Although winter has not officially begun, it is never too soon to start planning for the beginning of spring. And throughout northern Europe, where winter is known for its short days, long nights and bitter cold weather, the start of … Continue reading

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The Rebirth of Rome’s Most Beautiful Fountain

Legend tells us that over two-thousand years ago a young virgin led a group of thirty Roman soldiers to a spring near the ancient roadway known as the Via Collatina. And in 19 BC, an aqueduct was built that would … Continue reading

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Everlasting Love in Paris

If, like thousands of others, you once proclaimed you undying love by placing a love lock on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, that symbol of your love is now gone – or at least moved. A love lock, … Continue reading

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Florence’s Church of Unrequited Love

You could spend weeks exploring the city of Florence and never see all of the sights. Crowds of tourists visit the most famous ones – from the statue of David to the Duomo, the Baptistery, Ponte Vecchio and countless others. But, … Continue reading

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The Overlooked Memorial in Ephesus

Most historians agree that Ephesus, Turkey is the best preserved ancient city of the Eastern Mediterranean and, along with the ruins of Pompeii, one of the best places in the world to experience the atmosphere of the ancient Roman civilization. Everyone that … Continue reading

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Beautiful Walled Cities

 I thought I would pass along this list of 15 of the world’s most beautiful walled cities – In addition to creating and writing the Discovery Walks programs in Dubrovnik, Croatia and Rhodes, Greece I’ve also been fortunate enough … Continue reading

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Somber Solitude in Lisbon

First, let me admit that Lisbon is one of my favorite cities in all of Europe. From the grandeur of Commerce Square to the shopping along Rua Augusta, the nightlife and restaurants in Bairro Alto, the winding passageways of the Alfama … Continue reading

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The Sweet Smell of Capri

If you’ve been to Capri you know that it is a jubilation for all of the senses – the feel of the warm Mediterranean breeze as it brushes your skin, the sound of the turquoise water as it crashes onto the rocky shores, the magnificent … Continue reading

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