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Beyond Las Ramblas

While the history and beauty of Barcelona cannot be denied, the heart and soul of the city is the winding avenue known simply as Las Ramblas. Actually made up of several individual neighborhood avenues, the esplanade of this long avenue … Continue reading

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Dubrovnik’s Hidden Synagogue

While its spectacularly preserved defensive walls from the Middle Ages and its beautiful cathedral may be the highlights of Dubrovnik, from a historical perspective the city’s Synagogue should not be missed. Located across from the Church of St. Blaise and down … Continue reading

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Wander the Moats of Rhodes

The extensive moats of Rhodes provide a rare opportunity for quiet and solitude when the rest of the ancient town is buzzing with tourists. Continue reading

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Portofino’s Most Beautiful Walk

Portofino is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular small ports on the Mediterranean. From the million dollar yachts that often crown into the narrow inlet to the endless horizon that awaits you at the lighthouse, the glories of … Continue reading

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Pisa’s Overlooked Treasure

It’s hard to fault anyone, especially a first time visitor, for becoming hypnotised by the imposing beauty of the major structures found in the historic Piazza dei Miracoli, or Field of Miracles. From the world famous Leaning Tower to the … Continue reading

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Escape the Crowds in Sorrento

Sorrento is one of the loveliest and liveliest towns along the Mediterranean coast of Italy. From the hub of activity in Tasso Square through the rush of tourists wandering along the Corso Italia, this is a great place to enjoy … Continue reading

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A Hidden Treasure in Corfu

Some of the most vivid memories of a trip are those spots so out of the way as to be private but so intimate to the cultural and history of the area as to be unforgettable. We fond one such … Continue reading

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The True Celebrities of Mykonos

The relationship between the people of Mykonos and their beloved Pelicans began in 1956 and, thanks in great part to Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, it continues to this day. Continue reading

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Athen’s Overlooked Little Secret

This small building next to Athen’s Metropolis cathedra dates back to the 12th century and features a wonderful mural from the 4th century BC. Continue reading

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Meeting Place for the Independent Traveler

  The historical gems of the world are just waiting to be discovered. And for the independent traveler, nothing can be more disheartening that to have the experience of an exciting new spot in the world diminished by the crush of … Continue reading

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