A Modern Jewel in Copenhagen

As our walk in Copenhagen demonstrates, this is one of northern Europe’s most beautiful and historically important cites. But while the most impressive sights to see in Copenhagen are historic, the city has not ignored its present and future vibrancy .

And one of the most impressive and enjoyable things to see in Copenhagen is the building that is commonly referred to as the Black Diamond, sitting beside the historic Slotsholmen waterfront. Starting from the beautiful walkway along the water at the entrance, the views are spectacular of the newer luxury structures lining the revitalized neighborhood on the opposite side of the canal. But here the historic beauty of Copenhagen is matched by the striking modern design of this much newer addition to the city.

Completed in 1999, the Black Diamond became one of the first of many cultural buildings now located along this enchanting waterfront stroll. Fulfilling its primary role as the home to the Royal Danish Library, this contemporary black-mirror walled buildingBlack Diamond Google 2 connects the old and the new of the city. Behind the new library structure, and connect by a broad elevated walkway, is the old library building that originally opened in 1906. This is Copenhagen’s main library and, including collections housed at four additional branches throughout the city, the Royal Danish Library holds virtually all known Danish printed works dating back to 1482. The genesis of the library was founded in 1648 by King Frederick III and opened to the public in 1793.                Google Earth Pro

But in addition to the library, the modern building offers the “Queens Hall”, an intimate concert hall that seats a maximum 600 patrons. With world-class acoustics, this is the perfect setting for jazz and chamber music concerts as well as assorted theatrical events. And if photography is of interest to you, you’ll also find the National Museum of Photography, a collection of more than 50,000 images dating back to 1839 but with an emphasis on photography during the 19th century.

Combine all of this with the bookshop, a nice café and a rooftop terrace and I think you’ll find the Black Diamond to be one of the most beautiful and entertaining sites to see in all of Copenhagen.

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